Jewellery Care

Jewellery is nevertheless a must have fashion accessories for ladies.
Most of us have a lot of fashion jewellery to suit our different attire.
However, some of you may claim that handmade jewellery do not last, as the colour may change, varnish chipping, stones, crystal and clay may get scratches or fall off.
In order to keep your lovely jewellery in mint condition, here are some tips which you may refer to.

1. Put on your jewellery after applying perfume, hairspray, hand lotion and make up.

2. When you are doing a lot of washing or housework, remember to remove your jewellery first.

3. Always store your jewellery in individual container or compartment.

4. Do not mix jewellery made from different metal as they tense to oxidise.
Example: silver plated jewelry cannot be keep together with gold plated jewelry.

5. It's a good practice to clean your jewellery with a piece of clean cloth every time after wearing and before keeping it in your jewellery box.

6. Keep your jewellery individually in an organza pouch bag or zip log bag.

7. It's always nice to have all your earrings displayed on the hanger, but just beware of the hanger's material as it may cause your earring hook to oxidised.
Example: Do not hang 925 white sterling silver earring on this hanger as it will cause the earring to turn dark).


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