Mini Announcement

Hello there :)

We provide tracking numbers for ALL deliveries...
Within Malaysia and internationally.

Any delay in the postal services is out of our hands.
Please do provide the CORRECT recipient's name and address.
We print out the name and address that was given.
So please be CLEAR about the name and address and please don't keep on changing it too many times.

If you want,you can provide your telephone number too, especially for international customers as some country don't use the given tracking number when the item(s) enters their country.

Our FAQ on our blog clearly says that
"We are not responsible for lost/damaged or stolen packages."

Please don't tell us you haven't receive your item(s) when the tracking number is telling me it's DELIVERED.

The best we could do is to help you track the whereabouts of the item(s).
We do write a return address at the back, so if the item(s) is returned, we will contact you, so please do reply so we could re-post it.
We want you to be happy so we will be happy too...

Thank you <3


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